Suicide & Homicide Cleanup

Suicide & Homicide Cleanup

The Situation

A suicide or a homicide are no delicate situation for the average person. Being that these situations come as a shock, we encourage you to seek out help to clean up after these situations. Give BioOne a call!

The Techniques

BioOne technicians adhere to the strictest guidelines for site clean-up. We consult with OSHA as well as state and local authorities to maintain our sanitization qualities. We ensure that all remnants are properly collected, and the sanitization is thorough.

Discretion and Dignity

We understand that, in this situation, the utmost discretion and dignity is required for the departed. We only hope to be able to restore the site to it’s pre-incident form. We also take great care to be able to restore and return any sentimental items in the process of our sanitation.

call the professionals

At BioOne we value being the consummate professional in your delicate situation. In any of our services, we strive to be hard-working, positive, and gracious. In your time of need, there is no substitute for the wisdom that BioOne has acquired over years of being the industry standard. Give us a call in your hour of need – you won’t be disappointed.