How It Works

How It Works

we provide services for any traumatic scene

BioOne is the premier crime scene and biohazard waste identification and removal service in Jacksonville Florida and surrounding areas. We offer a professional, cost effective, and highly reputable service all throughout Florida. We are a fully licensed and nationally recognized service by OSHA and FEMA.

Bio-One is the most trusted and referred decontamination and cleanup company in Florida.

We partner with state and local authorities on a regular basis to evaluate, decontaminate, and contain biohazard accidents and outbreaks. We pride ourselves on being the consummate professional service while maintaining a sense of dignity, discretion, and compassion.

the process

 A Call Is Made To Our Owner, Melissa.

A call is made to our owner, Melissa.

Melissa is the face and voice of our franchise. No call centers. No operators. Straight to the boss.

Melissa Will Lay Out The Steps That Must Be Taken.

Melissa will lay out the steps that must be taken.

We advise on what time frame we should work to clear-up any contaminations.

A Time Is Scheduled For Job Completion.

A time is scheduled for job completion.

As owner and operator, Melissa will clearly explain how the process needs to go to best serve you.

Payment Is Addressed After Cleanup.

Payment is addressed after cleanup.

We work by the motto “Help First, Business Second”. Our goal is to alleviate any traumatic situation first.


  • We never require any payment before or at time of service.
  • Insurance covers the cost of 95% of the work we do.
  • You can reach the owner directly 24 hours a day, any day of the week.
  • We can typically be at the scene or job site within one hour.
  • Our clean up or recovery services are typically completed within a few hours.

  • Materials with blood or body fluid on them must be disposed as a biohazard. Only a licensed company like Bio-One can legally do that. We have all necessary training, licensing and insurance.
  • We have a flawless record, without a single citation or fine in 10+ years of operation.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call and if for any reason we are not able to help, we will connect you with someone who can.​​