decomposition / undiscovered & unattended death

decomposition / undiscovered & unattended death


There are few things that can be as traumatic as experiencing an undiscovered death in various stages of decomposition. Equally as bad is the realization that this situation will have to be cleaned up. There’s not a better choice than to bring in the industry leading professional team to ensure that all surfaces and areas are restored to their previous state.

The Unexpected

There’s no way to clearly articulate the trauma of coming upon an undiscovered death is various stages of decomposition. BioOne is trained and licensed to work within local, state, and federal regulations in these specific situations. The first step in dealing with this kind of situation is to call BioOne for advisement. We encourage all our potential customers to avoid disturbing the scene at all until the authorities and BioOne can appropriately assess and rectify a scene.

Discreet and Respectful

BioOne’s techniques and training demand the utmost delicacy and respect for this traumatic situation. The steps that we take include removal, sanitization, deodorization, and analysis for tertiary impact. Once a situation is identified, recognizing all the affected areas to ensure that a location is returned to normal is the top priority. BioOne prides itself on being discreet and focused on returning life to normal for our customers.

Call the Professionals

At BioOne we value being the consummate professional in your delicate situation. In any of our services, we strive to be hard-working, positive, and gracious. In your time of need, there is no substitute for the wisdom that BioOne has acquired over years of being the industry standard. Give us a call in your hour of need – you won’t be disappointed.