Reacting To A Crime Scene

You’ve walked into a situation where something traumatic has happened. Nothing could prepare you for this. A crime scene – violent crime, accident, or any number of things. What do you do? Is there a procedure for this kind of situation? You’d be surprised that prior to the early 2000s, there were hardly any services that would clean up even those most violent of crime scenes. That task was left to the family members. Could you imagine something so traumatizing and difficult to do? These families had no training on how to properly and safely clean a scene. That’s where BioOne comes in. We’ve revolutionized this industry not only providing top-notch services, but also the steps you can take to preserve a crime scene.

Step 1: Remain Calm. The worst thing that can be done is contamination of a crime scene. It’s important to allow professionals and law enforcement the opportunity to gather information to appropriately investigate the scene.

Step 2: Secure the Scene. Do what you can to prevent anyone else from unintentionally walking into the scene and risking further contamination.

Step 3: Retrace and Wait. Retrace any steps you may have taken in the crime scene, make note of any changes you may have made to the environment unknowingly, and wait for law enforcement to arrive.

Step 4: Remediation. It’s important to contact BioOne as soon as possible to get an accurate quote on what will need to be done to clean the affected area.

We know that dealing with a situation like this isn’t going to be easy. The best thing you can do for yourself is allow BioOne to take on the burden of cleaning up a crime scene that meets the standards of safety. Our goal is to return the affected space back to it’s original form and remove any indication that anything ever happened. We take great pride in this part of our work and we hope that we can help you move past this unfortunate situation quickly.