St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine, FL

At BioOne, we offer cleanup after a hoarding situation or at a crime scene in St. Augustine, FL. We also can clean up an area tainted with tear gas or other biohazards. In many cases, owners are not interested or capable of doing this cleanup on their own safely and efficiently. Our services take care of that problem and ensure the best possible results.

Our workers are compassionate and professional with the needed skills to provide cleanup after traumatic events such as accidents, suicides, homicides, and other biohazard events. Our first priority is making your business or home safe for you to enter and live in again. This is also why we provided 24/7 service every single day of the year. We understand you are in a tough situation and want to be there to help.

Whether you need cleanup for a hoarding situation or a crime scene, we are here to help individuals restore their lives to the way they were before the experience occurred. We work with local insurance agencies, police departments, and fire departments to ensure things are done by the book and as quickly as possible.

Reacting To A Crime Scene

You’ve walked into a situation where something traumatic has happened. Nothing could prepare you for this. A crime scene – violent crime, accident, or any number of things. What do you do? Is there a procedure for this kind of situation? You’d be surprised that prior to the early 2000s...