About Us

about bio-one

BioOne is an industry leader in traumatic clean-up services. From crime scene clean-up and remediation, biohazard removal, hoarder clean-up, or any number of specialty services, BioOne provide the top service in Jacksonville, FL. We are an around-the-clock service to which there is no equal.

Fully Licensed & Certified

We comply with the State of Florida, OSHA, Law Enforcement, and Fire Marshal standards for clean-up and recovery. Each of our professionals receives best-in-industry training to guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Professional & Compassionate

We pride ourselves on being the industry standard for clean-up practices. We understand that any situation that requires our services can be traumatic. Handling each situation with delicacy is a top priority.

Safety Is Our First Priority

Any number of situations can leave behind disease or infections that make their space uninhabitable. We prioritize the best safety practices over all else.

Great Relationship with Police, Fire, & Insurance Agencies

Maintaining a close and professional relationship with law enforcement and emergency services is paramount in our industry. We’ve established ourselves as the premier clean-up service because of our active and ongoing relationships.

a selfless business to own and operate

We work closely with all law enforcement and emergency services agencies to help our communities. Within 2016, there were an estimated 1.2 million violent crimes in the US. We actively work to restore lives to their previous state after a traumatic experience. There will always be a need for services like ours and we strive to be the industry standard.