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Clean up Company

BioOne is there for you when any unexpected situation occurs that requires a thorough clean up. We offer many services and we are the premier cleaning and restoration service in Northeast Florida.


BioOne is a trusted and highly acclaimed extreme cleaning service. We specialize all types of clean-ups including: blood, unattended death, homicide, suicide, hoarding, and feces. Do you have an unexpected situation that requires professional cleaning? Call us now.


Suicide & Homicide cleanup

Dignity and discretion are the top priority in this situation.

decomposition & undiscovered death

This traumatic situation requires a thorough professional service.


We offer safe removal and clean up, so you don’t have to.


Blood can be dangerous; we sanitize and remove.

feces & urine cleanup

Feces and Urine, human or animal, must be cleaned up immediately to stop disease.

tear gas cleanup

We use a combination of techniques and tools to remove this sticky substance.

Why Bio-One?

BioOne has been a part of cleaning some of the most traumatic event in the United States. There is no technique or standard that we weren’t a part of developing to ensure that every situation is cleaned and restored to its original quality.

Fully licensed & certified

We carry licensing approval with the State of Florida, Northeast Florida Counties, and OSHA to stay in compliance with the highest standards.

professional & compassionate

Our responsibility to separate you from a traumatic event to recover while we remove any remains and restore.

safety is our first priority

We remain vigilant to make sure that both you and our staff are safe from any contamination now and into the future.